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Term 3, 2016

Scheduled Review: topics reviewed in term 2

Health, Safety, and Welfare

Health, Safety, and Welfare Policy

  • Added and extended bullets to align with Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Primary Duty of Care (Primary Duty of Care, Primary Duty of Care)

  • Spelt out the abbreviation PCBU and added a bulletpoint about support and rehabilitation.

Worker Engagement, Participation, and Representation

  • Added the wording "and keeping a record of communications and recommendations".

Health and Safety Induction

  • A new topic with suggestions about what induction should cover.

Safety Management System (Safety Management System, Safety Management System)

  • Added points in Performance Measurement about safe and early return of injured staff and workers; and checking that visitor inductions have taken place.


  • Added the words "and management" to the sentence "complying with health and safety regulations including hazard identification and management".

First Aid

  • Added sentence about dealing with blood and other body fluids, and one about notifying parents for some injuries, and added links to relevant topics.

First Aid Supplies

  • Changed the name from First Aid Kits. Added that first aid supplies are regularly checked, and restocked and updated as necessary.

Storage and Use of Hazardous Substances

  • Expanded this topic and added a section about pesticides and herbicides, and a link to the WorkSafe Hazardous Substances toolbox.

Emergency Planning and Procedures

Emergency Planning and Procedures

Added introductory sentences to this topic.


Clarification of earthquake drill signal. Slight changes to improve readability of the procedure to use inside the classroom.

Classroom Hazards

Added a note about the need to ensure that filing cabinets are kept locked.


  • Moved the note about adults attempting to put out a fire and emphasised that this should only be done if conditions permit and that the important thing is to get everyone out of the buildings.
  • Added a link to New Zealand Fire Service Fire Extinguisher page.

Electrical Storms

Changed and enlarged instructions about electrical appliances and computers.

Emergency Evacuation

  • Changed name from Evacuation Procedure.
  • Reformatted to make it easier to follow.
  • Included wording about accounting for visitors.
  • Added section about evacuation signals.

Reverse Evacuation/Lockdown

Added "Lockdown" to the title.

Disaster Management Plan

Added a sentence about notifying parents, and meeting parents if possible when they come to collect their children.

School Closure

  • Added email option to list of communication option bulletpoints.
  • Changed it so that the board chair, in consultation with principal, makes the decision to close the school (rather than the other way around).

SchoolDocs Internal Review

Managing Income and Expenditure

We added specific information and a note about SUE reports.

Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC)

Education Outside the Classroom

  • Small additions to align with new EOTC guidelines, and a bulletpoint about including students with additional support needs.
  • Added a Management EOTC self-audit checklist.

EOTC Communicating with Parents

  • This new topic brings together relevant information about all aspects of EOTC and how they are communicated to parents and caregivers.
  • It contains the content that was in the now redundant topic EOTC Unacceptable Behaviour.

Parental Consent (Parental Consent (with blanket consent), Parental Consent)

  • We've provided a table to describe parental consent required for each activity as stated in the 2016 EOTC Guidelines.

Management Guide for EOTC Activity Types

  • Updated with the Management Guide for EOTC Activity Types from the 2016 EOTC Guidelines. Activity types used to be described as risk levels.

Organising an EOTC Activity

  • New chapter topic for the Organise an Activity topics.

Organise a Type A Activity
Organise a Type B Activity
Organise a Type C Activity
Organise a Type D Activity

  • These topics have been made more comprehensive while still maintaining their streamlined, easy-to-use format. Each topic describing how to organise an activity has a corresponding forms topic listing and describing relevant forms.

EOTC Activity Forms

  • Forms have been updated and improved. Schools are encouraged to use them as templates and adapt as required for specific events/activities.

EOTC Risk Management

  • Mentions the Health and Safety at Work Act and links to the Management Guide for EOTC Activities. Some terminology changes.

EOTC Supervision

  • Made much more comprehensive, including the addition of general supervision guidelines.
  • The EOTC Activity Inventory and Staff Competence Register is a new form in this topic.

EOTC Incidents

  • Links to the EOTC Incident Report form.

EOTC First Aid/Medicines

  • Contains a clearer list of relevant forms.

EOTC Transport

  • Slightly different formatting to make more clear.

International Students

International Students

  • This whole section was updated to align with the new Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016 (the Code).
  • Schools with international students were asked to request this updated content, and answer new questions in order to tailor their content.

International Students Implementation Audits and Reports

  • The Implementation Audits and Reports topic for international students was updated to include information about the annual self-review and attestation required by NZQA, and information from ERO's self-audit checklist.

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