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Term 1, 2016

Scheduled Review: Term 4 2015

Improving Educational Outcomes for Māori Students

Added Tataiako and NZSTA Hautu as resources. Added text about consulting with the Māori community when developing plans and targets to improve achievement. Added a link to the Treaty of Waitangi topic and from there, a link to Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand.

Also, added a note to School Planning and Reporting about the charter incorporating priorities identified by parents, whanau, and community. Added to Strategic Plan and Documentation and Self-Review Policy a bulletpoint relating to how students are progressing in relation to Ngā Whanaketanga Rumaki Māori and/or National Standards.


Added a more comprehensive definition of harassment, and a link to the new topic Communication. Also added references to legislation. In Harassment Complaints Procedure we added information about restraining orders, trespass orders, and offences.


This new topic ties together policies and procedures relating to communication at school.

Religious Instruction (Religious Education, Religious Instruction)

Added a resource about Religion in Schools. Changed "religious education" to "religious instruction".

SchoolDocs Internal Review: Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

Health, Safety, and Welfare Policy

Terminology changes and updated links. Extra bulletpoints about primary duty of care, responsibility of workers, and staff engagement with hazard identification and risk management.

The Health and Safety at Work Act

Renamed from The Health and Safety in Employment Act. This topic has been expanded with a definition of the various roles within a school and a summary of the responsibilities of each group. For more detail around responsibilities, we've added the new topics Primary Duty of Care and Due Diligence.

Worker Engagement, Participation, and Representation

Renamed from The Health and Safety Committee. We've added the line "All workers in the school are responsible for health and safety, and we encourage engagement and participation in our health and safety practices". We've also created a new topic that schools can request if they elect a Health and Safety Representative.

Risk Management

Renamed from Hazard Management. Rewritten with definitions, and guidelines for elimination of risks. We've added a link to the WorkSafe risk rating table, and updated our hazard identification form.

Hazard Register and Audit

We've updated our generic hazard register and hazard audit checklists and encourage schools to use them as templates.

Managing Serious Injury

Updated terminology and links and added a section about preserving the site of an event.

Reporting and Recording Accidents and Incidents

Updated terminology and links to forms.

Definition of a Notifiable Injury or Illness, Incident, or Event

Renamed from Definition of a Serious Harm. This contains the new definition and also definitions of notifiable incidents and events. We've also linked to the full list of notifiable incidents in the Act.

Stress in the Workplace

Minor change to first sentence: "The Health & Safety in Employment legislation recognises workplace stress as a hazard" to "Workplace stress is a recognised hazard in schools".

Plant and Machinery Safety

This has been expanded and split into two topics: this, and Storage and Use of Hazardous Substances.

Safety Management System (Safety Management System, Safety Management System)

This new topic brings together the various initiatives, assessments, procedures, control measures, and monitoring actions that are in place at school.

Education Outside the Classroom

We have added a sentence about the duty of PCBUs at shared events, such as with outdoor education providers, or at school sports tournaments, etc.

Terminology and links to legislation have been updated in several other topics throughout the site as appropriate.

SchoolDocs Internal Review: Child Protection

Child Protection

This new topic outlines the school’s position on child protection and brings together the relevant SchoolDocs topics (policies and procedures).

Safe Practice Professional Development

This new topic allows schools to be more specific about how they incorporate safe practice/child protection training into their professional development. Schools can supply information about this.

Care and Management of Students (Care and Management of Students, Catholic Care and Management of Students)

Formatting changes and headings to make the content more clear.

Investigate a Formal Complaint or Serious Allegation

Content added about support of all parties, historical allegations, and settlement agreements.

Abuse Recognition and Reporting

This topic has been revised and expanded with more information about staff responsibilities, and acting on concerns.

Definitions and Indicators of Child Abuse/Neglect

This list is from Safer Organisations, Safer Children and is more comprehensive than our previous definitions.

Parent Involvement

We've added some wording around monitoring of parent help, and the fact that child protection policies apply to parent helpers as well.


We've reformatted the topic and split it into sections for staff, parents, and contractors.


Added a line about information sharing and the guidelines around information management and confidentiality.

Privacy Guidelines

Added a resource: The Privacy Commissioner's guide to sharing information about vulnerable children.

SchoolDocs Internal Review:

Bomb Threats

A new topic created after bomb threats were received at some schools in New Zealand. Includes a link to the NZ Police bomb threat checklist.

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