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30 November 2014

These changes to our generic content were made in response to ERO's Safety in Schools report, and the scheduled reviews of Employer Responsibility and Appointment Procedure. Also see Release Notes 30 November - Safety in Schools Employer Responsibility and 30 November - Safety in Schools Appointment Procedure

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Changes in this update: new content; deleted content

Student Safety and Welfare

This topic was added to summarise the various policies and procedures that the school uses to ensure a safe environment for students.

Care and Management of Students (Care and Management of Students, Catholic Care and Management of Students)
We have added bulletpoints about staff contact with students, especially out of school contact and EOTC.


Abuse Recognition and Reporting
Renamed from Abuse Reporting Procedure. This topic has been made more comprehensive and links to the NZSTA Reporting Process.


Harassment - Added a link to the Worksafe NZ Bullying Guidelines.

Bullying - Added some text about homophobic remarks.

Parent Involvement
We have added an optional note about police vetting of school volunteers.


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